Monday, 21 December 2009

let the story begin: Nadine's diary..

Hi all,
I’ve been so busy lately with my assignment and my holiday. But i would like to say thanks to Blackberry, so i could produce a-damn-sucks-story about a girl. I write it every nite before i sleep. This girl named Nadine. If you want to know more about Nadine, just chek my Blog and i’ll keep you updated. Well, i found Nadine’s diary and she wrote this in page 5:

Now, this writing is belongs to You
I hope you understand this:
For all the memories that we've been through, for all the laugh, jokes, dream, and imagination, I need you to know that I feel so comfortable when You walk beside me, when You sit near me, when You ask me all your-stupid-silly question, when we sang together, when we ran together, ate together, and played together. I feel so warm in the middle of a-very-cold weather, I don't want to fall asleep cause I don't wanna end our stupid conversation..I don't wanna let You go..and I really hate when you have to leave me alone with those unforgettable memories. But now I understand, I'm only your spring and you are gonna find your summer..and it's not me, thx for all our experience!

And for Him,
He never know and never will..
I want him to know the truth, but he left me. He is gone. I couldn't find him anymore. And all of sudden, he came to me..ask me where I am..
Oh,where the hell are you when I tried so hard to fix this heart?
He want to meet me after everything that he did. Unfortunately, I never have the strength to stay away from him even in a dream :(
And I'll wait till that day what happen again, do I have the same feelings as I have before?
Until now, I think I love him..
Welcome home my sunny sun, welcome home beybiy, welcome home my true home..
I'll be waiting for him till our day come to Us..

The last goes to the Boy,
Dear my Boy, yes MY..I used to called the Boy mine.
Thank you for the love, thank you for caring me, thank you for understand me well. Sorry..
Can't say anything beside thanks and sorry..
Maybe you are the one OR the only one for me? I don't know..but I hope you get the best in your life, boy..

A late nite story by a young spontaneous lady,


  1. When you are young, it's hard to forget someone, especially if that someone is very special to you. But as you get older or maybe as you get hurt so many times, it will get easier.

  2. Thanks! but it's just imaginary story.. :))

  3. oh gosh, sometimes it's just fun making comment

  4. oh well, and sometimes it just fun answering a comment ;)