Thursday 20 November 2008

Puisi dikala SMA

pas, gw lg beres2 buka2 notes kecil jaman sma dulu, nah disitu ada sepenggal puisi bahasa inggris dengan-grammar-yang-gak-jelas yang gw tulis...iseng2, gw mw posting aj di blog ini...

here's the poem..happy read, readers :)

SOMETHING, written by Nadda,23 Oct 2005

it's just me,,
never will be something,,
me and the only me,,
who can give you something,,
though i can't be that something,,
could you just take me?
then make me be something
i'm sure you can do that, can't you?
so,just let me go with you
then, i will be something

something better than me,,
something that you want me to be,,
even something that i do not like,,
if you ask me...

not for you,,
even not for your heart,,
or for that something,,
but only for me,,
and the only for my lovely heart,,
who ask me

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