Sunday 7 June 2009

Contemporary Journalism: The Daily Miracle

bangun tidur, kliyengan...
ujian tinggal menghitung hari..
semakin kliyengan waktu baca bahan exam nya,

Section A: News Writing exercise : write 500 words news story suitable for publication in a newspaper from the information and interviews detailed below. you dont need to include a headline for the story.

Section B: Below is a Newsflash about fictional breaking story. where would you look for information, who would you seek to interview and what would you ask them to check out and develop the story?--5 secondary sources and 5 primary sources. explain in no more than 500 words

Section C:Essay--write one essay no more than 800 words from the following topic (The Australian news media, Convergence, The future of Journalism) illustrate your discussion with examples where possible. if you answer more than question only your first answer will be marked.

dan semua itu harus gw lakukan dalam waktu 3 jam, handwritten dan tanpa bantuan internet.hikshiks. even real journalists could use google rite? oh kejam nya dunia...

Dear Mr. Bryce,
could you please announce that on Tuesday, 9th of June 2009 there will no activities including EXAM in all over AUSTRALIA? and also tell my tutor, John Lawrence and my Unit Chair, Paul Bethell that all Journalism students will automatically pass the contemporary journalism's subject without doing any exam.
Many Regards,

semoga, Mr. Bryce sang Governor-General bisa mengabulkan surat gw,amiiinnn


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