Sunday 30 August 2009


Hi guys,
just let u know kalo RAN and NIDJI bakalan concert di melbourne. thanks to PPIA DEAKIN UNIVERSITY Australia yg udah mengusahakan ini semua :)

acara ini akan berlangsung pada tgl 24 September 2009 di FESTIVAL HALL. dengan tema CARNAVAL SOUNDNATION, NIDJI and RAN will spread the carnival's atmosphere in Melbourne this September!!!

we don't need any circus for the carnaval because ALL WE NEED IS ONLY RAN and NIDJI live in MELBOURNE!!

Price of Tix:
VIP: $60 (merchandise, clear view, priority entry 20 min before the show)
On Sale: $25
At the Door: $30

You can purchase it online on , click on search CARNAVAL SOUNDNATION!!

don't forget to bring your International License/Passport if you purchase a tix for License area. For those who still under 18, you still could enjoy the show and purchase any tix for unlicense area.

Prepare yourself guys, finish your assignment asap before the event.
Bring your date to the event, spread the love and happiness :))

Additional Info:
Pemain RAN lucu2 semua. sedap dipandang mata. gak rugi deh pokoknya ;)

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