Friday 30 December 2011

2011 December Highlights

Cant believe that time flies so fast. 2011 is a life changing year!
I finish my bachelor degree from Melbourne, Back for good to Indonesia, and start a new working career as a Public Relations and Events at a newly established company, Liverpool FC International Football Academy in Jakarta.

Cant you believe that? I am working in one of the oldest and biggest English premier club in the world! Just like Michael Owen..He started his football career in LFC!

Everything goes really well so far. We are still a small team here in Indonesia but I am glad I get the chance to be part of the history.

Everyone here is just like my second family, I love them!

On December, we had several events like football camp, family fun day, partners meeting, Christmas party and Secret Santa Gift!

It was the such a memorable time. We've spend laugh together, cry together, everything together. I am so thankful to the fact that I can be in this team.

LFCIFASS Indonesia with LFC Representative Singapore and Repr. Standard Chartered Bank)

Jack Rabbit's Day after BritCham Xmas Party
(left to right: Ryan, Me, Dili, Dini, Paul, Dinda)

LFC IFASS team at BritCham Christmas Party in Jakarta 2011 documentation:

End of Year Football Camp 2011 behind the scene documentation:

It was a really scary-damn-hot day! But the good part is we still got the FUN, despite the worst sun burnt tho!

Anyway, I am now 23 years old..No more teenage drama! Got lots of sweet bday greeting as well. Thank You guys!

That's my december 2011 Highlights!

xx - NS

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