Thursday 7 June 2012

Same Place, Different Feeling

My Thursday is no longer the same. Remember when I wrote a post about middle moment about Thursday here? I don't have it anymore.

They stole my middle moment. Here I write a post using the same laptop, in the same table, same chair, same office. But somehow, it feels really really different...

Maybe because the one who sit on my right side is no longer kak Dinda and the one who sit on my left side is no longer Dili. No more 2.47pm dirty talk, no more laugh, no more McDonald's delivery for crunchy (gosh, I am in tears when I write this...)

Well, I have deal with so many 'goodbyes' and 'farewell' but this changes is just happen too fast for me. I always think that I am a strong person, I can live alone anywhere as long as it's clean tho :P
However, I never have this kind of feeling before. I feel like the world is spinning but I keep on stand still. I feel like everyone is changing but I am not. Everyone move forward but I keep on silence watching them grow up.

I need to move on and let go the past. Unfortunately, I am not the kind of person that forget easily. I remember every memory, every moment, every laugh, every tears, every sweat..(OK, mulai lebay).. I remember everything that really enjoyed me in the past.

We are the LFC Academy girls that night..

First week of work as a Team
Friday Training

 I miss those moments. I miss a feeling called 'TEAM'.


That was one of my really precious moments and feelings. Today, I realize, my heart and feelings about the past is like this building, it won't change although the people changes. I think I still live in the past, that is why my feeling in present is different although I sit in the same place..

Good luck and best wishes for my right and left side, Ms. A and Ms. Dils...

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