Tuesday 18 November 2008

would u be my destiny?

would u love me as much as i do?
would u think about me as long as u can?
what if u dont do that?
would u be mine...FOREVER?
would u take me to ur side....LATER?
would u miss me when i miss u?
would u meet me when im so deeply want to meet u?

this feeling never leave me...would u stay with me...FOREVER?
would u like to spend ur time with me because i would like to spend my whole time for u...
would u fly with me?
would u fall for me?
do u want me? because i DO want u always...

why dont u answers all my questions?..
u know what?im trying so hard to make our relationship real..why dont u just care and pay a little attention about US..in the future..
because u are only my destiny..
earth only have one sun..and my sun is u..

^waw romantic abis ya bokk...trying so hard untuk bikin kata2 puitis walopun gak puitis2 amat...hehehe^

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