Wednesday 24 March 2010


Short Conversations between Rory and Lorelai in Gilmore Girls, and I love it!

Rory: "I'm so stupid, i said thank you."

Lorelai: :When did you say thank you?"

Rory: "When he kissed me."

Lorelai: "What? He kissed you again? What is he, just out of prison or something?”

Hi All,

it's been a long time im not updating anything. this is my first post in Melbourne this year. A lot of something new. new house, new room, new housemates, new subjects, new friends, and the most important thing is a new partner-in-love slash boyfriends. :)

Everything going so fast and I try to understand it slowly,hehehe..

my life is wonderful now. I am happy with him. although there is still 1 issues that i couldnt tell ya that makes me a little insecure about my relationship. I really hope Alloh could open his heart, i dont know.. I won't push him but I always pray for him. I love you too much my dear :)

despite from all those uncertain things, I am happy with my life now. I really Thank Alloh for all this beautiful things. Cant stop saying Alhamdulillah..

gotta back to my work,

review and review..



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