Wednesday 25 January 2012

A Daily Lesson: Brand new resolution

I have been working as Public Relations and Events at Liverpool International Football Academy for almost 5 months but today is my first day writing a media release!

It's quite interesting since I never make a release without an event. The release is about Academy Coach (Ben Parsonage) Arrival from Liverpool FC to Jakarta exclusive with series of Ben's Picture and profile..

With a help of our beloved intern, Wafina Mario, I did the media kit less than 3 hours. Well, it's an achievement for me personally because usually it takes me more than 3 days to complete it!

Anyway, enough with working things. My head starts spinning if I remember that I really have lots of things to do tomorrow at office. Wish me luck, guys..

I just realised that everyday is our personal lesson day in life. As we grow older, we experience many different things in this life.Friends, enemies, works, assesment, and

From now on, I will try to write my daily-life-lesson and be grateful for it.

...And lesson of the day is make a plan of your to do list, stick with it, give yourself deadline and STAY FOCUS! in order to produce your best!

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