Sunday 27 April 2014

Be wise; The cruelty in politic

Few months ago, my future mam in law once told me that in a supernatural world, there are many levels of power and knowledge. Our people mostly need to start from the very first bottom layer. In this level, all they think is about money, existence, assets, and recognition. They could not directly in touch with the one in top level. They need someone who already in that level to connect them. Their connection isnt deep and strong. However, some people will act like they are an expert. Some people might not realize their power is too small but still think they know everything.

It makes me think that this is like a politic. Some people were too idealist for the sake of our country. They will try so hard to connect and gather with people in that area. However, politic is not that simple. I know nothing about politic but I know how cruel politic is.

This bunch of people are at the first or maybe second level class. They need connection to connect with top one. Once they could in touch, the one in top level will create an invisible boundaries. They will act as if they trust them and will gladly open up as well as tell 'everything' you want to know. Thus, this first level people will think that they have a lot of knowledge and become expert in this industry.

The fact is... No. They're wrong.
They will recognize them as 'friend' and trust everything. This will become tool to spin everything and they will become unaware that they are used by certain people to spread a misleading information among society.

One thing I learned from politic, never trust anyone. Never ever trust anyone, no matter what happen. Although they are in the same group as yours, your friends, your so called friends, and your enemies.

I remembered what Michael Corleone said in The Godfather, "keep your friends close but your enemy closer". This is exactly what those politician do in top level.

Please be wise and don't be too naive.
It's better if we act nothing and remain silent but investigate deeply through everything. A premature knowledge about politic will be dangerous if we act as an expert.

Nada Salma
(A young woman who grew up in a different political view of a big families.)

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