Friday 30 May 2014

Finding the Balance

Can you ride a bicycle?

Riding a bicycle seems easy but some people find it hard because you have to keep your balance during riding. I can ride a bicycle (literally) since it's very easy for me to understand how to keep my balance. But to be at that stage, I have to fall so many times, some even left a permanent scars on my body.

Just like the story of my love life. I have met a lot of people, different type of guy, different characters and background. Those "wrong" guy however lead me to my right one.

Well, I am also a super duper  lucky girl because I have finally found my other half, the one who give "the balance" in my ordinary world. Sometimes I wish to meet him earlier so that I could enjoy my time with him longer. But, I think God already set up everything. It's about timing and when I met him for the first time, it was all perfect. I don't want to change my past because I am afraid if I make even a tiny bit of change, my present and my future will change too and I don't want it to happen.

He balanced my view towards life, he gives his constant support to every decision I made, he is and will always be there for me in so many form.

Now, we are ready to ride our bicycle together.


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