Thursday 2 April 2009

same song, different story...

Burwood, room 6...
what is wrong with today?
what is wrong with having a day off without any classes?
what is wrong with my body?
what is wrong with me?

lagi-lagi ditemani lagu kebangsaan gw....lagu yang selalu gw puter di iphone gw. satu lagu yang selaluuuuuu mewakili kisah2 gw..
lagu yang sama, gw yang sama, hanya object nya yg berbeda, hanya kisahnya yang berbeda.
gw yang gak pernah berubah. gw yang selalu bego. gw yang selalu gampang percaya. gw yang selalu gak pernah berhenti berharap dan gw yang selalu jatuh di lubang yg sama.
same hole, different tricks..
salah siapa?..siapa yg harus gw salahkan dengan keadaan gw?.kalo gw sakit..salah siapa?salah virus nya?salah penyakitnya?salah gw nya?
kalo gw gak bisa ngerjain assignment...salah siapa?
salah tutor nya? salah gw nya? salah assignment nya? salah subjectnya?
salah siapaaaa??

DAMN- i thought that im strong enough. strong enough for playing this death-game.
i thought that im the winner in this game..
and today, i just just a loser.
i thought that i could control myself.
i could control my feelings.
and, i just realize that im totally wrong...
i try and always try harder everyday and everytime to put myself in the greatest position and when i felt that i almost there..they just kicked me out..
then i tried again..i tried to be as patient as i can, tried to make them realize that im here..

and i know, you just dont care with me but trust me you dont want to mess with me..
you will regret this...
my tolerance and patient has a limit..and i dont have any extra energy anymore.. me out from this situation..
help me turn back the time..turn it into the day i felt special or could u make me skip this day? is not a gift, but today still present...i definetely hate today...

i want to sleep. i wish, when i wake up all those things are done.

i would like to delete some memories.
i can't delete it...
too bad for me :(

smell ya later,,
kiss kiss

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