Wednesday 1 April 2009

this assignDayMent--lol

i should be workin on my assignment but yeaahhh, i start to read some of my friend's blog, start to update my status on facebook, and start googling someone's name * dirty little secret.. ;p* but i dont care with my assignments, dont wanna start that thing...hahaha

i woke up around 9am because of some of my friends starting to buzz me on ym, argghh..then, rivana-my housemate- knocked on my door. she told me that she just done the introduction of alc 101's ASSignment, how lucky she is.. she wants me to do my assignment as well, so i turned on my laptop and try to write an introduction for my essay. 10 minutes later, i still got NOTHING. i haven't write anything yet besides my name, the unit code, and also the subcject's title. at that time, i need some inspirations,huhuhu
i decided to brush my teeth but still, i haven't got my inspirations, i looked up my laptop and i wish i could write something cool with a great academic style essay writing, i hope my Lord hear my wish ^^

at 10am, agnar called me. he said that he was on his way here and asked what did i do at that time *some basic questions* oh my god, how could i do my assignmenttt then??? i keep trying to get a good sentence to start my essay, tried to focus, but i can't..

until now, at 10pm..i still got NOTHING. i don't know why i get stuck with this assignment. my head keep thinking about 'other' things. something more fun...i just wanna playyyyy and i dont want to study..
i said to my housemate, i wanna marry someone who has everything, then i just enjoy my life taking care all my kids and my why would i do those assignment? its not importanttt for my kids and hubby..hehehe

you know what? i definetely in love with my blog.. :))

smell ya later,
gotta do my assignment..
wish me luck^^

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