Monday 14 September 2009


something from the past,

maybe i hurt him lots,
i hurt him too much
until now,
he pretends to be my friends,
but i know,
deep inside,
he hates me more than everything,
he keep on pretending,
i said "hello"
he act as if he didnt notice me,
i said "sorry"
he said "no worries"
i ask "are u okay?"
he answered " definetely, i am"
i said, "thx for being such a good friends for me"
he answered, "always been my pleasure.."

he never look into my eyes again, smile like my guardian, and protect me from my-damn-sucks-cats-phobia again..

this writing is belong to you, my-dear-unfinished-love-story

i thought, we could make it better but we couldnt
u never see me as ur angel again..
u see me as ur greates enemy..

i smile, it's hard thou

i thought, time will heal ur pain
but it never will..

oh my-dear-unfinished-love-story,
i cant say this words straught to u.
cause u never give me time to talk..

"I am sorry for everything I did, it was my fault..never mean to hurt u. i just have to stop it before everything's going to deep. i knew u are okay without me and now i know that im rite. i was lying at that time, when u hugged me, when ur head near me, when ur hands hold means a lot. but i have to lie at that time, just to make it easier for u..happy for you now :) my aga..."

it's time for me to finish it by myself.
i already said everything that i need to say to you..
pardon my english, i cant speak mandarin nor dutch..
it will be easier to say it in Bahasa thou,lol :P

Goodbye, my-dear-unfinished-love-story
i'll never disturbing ur life..

Success always,
Nadda o:)

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