Friday 16 May 2014

When dream meets reality

As you may all can see, there is a countdown on the header of my blog. Yes, it's a countdown to my new path. My wedding is on the way!

It is a very exciting experience for me and le mister as we have to manage all the preparation far away from our wedding venue. We will get married in my hometown, Jogja. Sometimes, I still wonder whether this is a dream or not. I couldn't believe to the fact that I am finally at this stage...

Every little girl around the world must have had their own wedding dream. What dress you will wear, what kind of roses you will use, what songs you will play and even what kind of food and beverages you will provide for your guests! However, those little dreams will be pretty hard to achieve because you have to deal with a lot of people.

Wedding is not only about me and him. It's about le parents and le mister parents, about traditions, and about the pride of big families. It will be quite hard to mix all opinions into one vision. We also face a generation gap that makes our point of view towards something is different with our parents. Then, at one point I realise that I have to understand their need and yes, I have to compromise and deal with it.

Sometimes, my ego said that "hey, this is my wedding, you guys should follow my rule,eh?!" but I quickly remove all my wild thought in order to keep me sane. Luckily, me and le husband to be have the same thought. This is why our preparation is still right on the track without any family drama-hhhh.

Wish us luck!


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