Saturday 27 November 2021

Hi, 2021


It's been a while since I write in this space. We are still in the middle of pandemic but everything is slowly getting better. Hope world could return back to normal soon!

Back in 2020, I spent 9 months almost at home. Never imagined such things could happen. However, it gave me chances to reflect on myself, think and plan for a brighter future. I also started learning Korean language again but this time I take it more serious (as in I want to be able to talk with Kyuhyun seriously without any language barrier) 😆.

Pandemic made me drown again into Kpop, K-Drama, K-Variety Show, K-Food since they bring so much joy to my boring daily routine. Fangirling is the best medicine for your physical and mental health! Best thing is I also succeed to influence husb to watch the dramas with me.

My autoimmune is doing well, I finally reach remission because everything's under control. I still see doctor regularly, sometimes monthly basis, sometimes bi-monthly, or even every 3 months which is a very good achievement for me by far.

Catch soon!



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