Monday 7 March 2022

Reminder for Myself

At this hour, I should have gone to bed but instead, I dig over my Mac-photos while Kyuhyun sings as a back sound. I came across several old picture back in 2017. I think it was the last time I got hospitalized at Antam. God hear my wish that day, apparently 😉...

Took some pic. My face was totally rounded and swollen but what made me suddenly want to write this is when I saw a picture of my hands like this (sorry if it's not aesthetic yep)

It wasn't hurt as it seems but it indeed remind me back to those memories I went hospitalized back and forth to the point I never afraid with needle and those stuff anymore.

And tonight, I look at the exact same hand on that picture. It's clean and free, and even can type this story.

I almost took what I have now for granted. I should have been grateful that I am able to experience what I feel right now. I have fully rounded supportive family, love my job, my friends, team mates, everything!

I almost forget that I wish what I have now back then and God hear my prayer.

So, whatever make you sad now, never ever stop believing in God, never stop to pray because we never know what will happen in the future.

Now, I want to seize every moment and enjoy my life.



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